In the past online marketing has been fairly one sided, consumers would passively come into contact with the marketing strategy from a business, but things have changed. There are billion of conversations happening online right now and social media, which is extremely interactive has created this new form of communication. People talk, share their thoughts, ideas, photos, videos and it all feels natural and fun to the consumer.

These social driven conversations are a great place to get your marketing involved, and get the customers to do the marketing for you. Social media has the power to transform your business, if done correctly. A good strategy, creatively and a little bit of luck can go a long way. It the same vain if social media is done wrong it can backfire and cause your business to have a bad image. Most of the time, social media is the organic part of your marketing plan, but it has to be more than just sharing your message because we all are sharing so much, this is why we buy ads to drive your marketing strategy on social media. Selling baseball equipment, you can target that audience right on facebook.

Lets talk about the four big social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. These all have unique audiences and styles, so keep this in mind when developing your strategy. First off you have to think about the effort that goes into producing the right kind social content per platform and audience. I would say you need to devote at least an hour a day to create a post to support your message and then collect the data and improve your strategy. A few questions to ask yourself, are you taking this on yourself? Is there someone working on your staff now that can take this on? Will you hire someone from outside you team to help?  

Having a plan is critical and having the right content for the platform is just as important, don’t get caught without either one of these.

All The Best! Mark Crews

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