Does your business rely on giving immersive tours?

  If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that social distancing is here to stay for the foreseeable future. With the lack of in-person tours and site visits, it’s more necessary than ever to have a back-up plan ready-to-go to accommodate. Besides, we saw some costs savings compare to in-person tours. That’s where Finished Works comes in! Creating virtual tours through 360° video assets can deliver the perfect message to your target audience they would otherwise only experience on-site. We have combined our high-quality video production skills with Virtual Reality to deliver the same tour experience you would expect in-person.

  If you are a school or university relies on giving campus tours to prospective students, or an event venue that leans on your ability to show a potential client the blank canvas that is your space, but social distancing took away your capability to meet in-person, then a virtual tour could be a perfect solution for you. Having virtual tours at your disposal can work wonders for niches like real estate companies, educational centers, hospitality businesses, and even event venues. This can enable you to still create that one-one-one feeling to your prospective customers while still adhering to and maintaining health and safety guidelines. 

What are the benefits of creating virtual tours for my business?

  Did your sales struggle during the various lockdowns because your space or your campus was one of your largest selling points that you could suddenly no longer show? With a virtual tour in place, you can always have an alternative or a Plan B for whenever you need it. Give your business options to showcase and keep prospecting to a much larger audience that you may not have access to you without the internet.

  • Continue to offer prospective clients or students with immersive tours that capture the most vital aspects and selling points of your space,
  • Embed “Meet the Team” videos within your tours to add that personal touch,
  • Cut down on the hours you spend giving physical tours to focus your efforts elsewhere,
  • and help pre-qualify leads to determine if they are truly serious about your offering without wasting time by meeting in person!

  While social distancing may be the wrench no one could have expected to affect day-to-day business tasks, we appreciate your consideration in doing the safe thing and wanting to offer an alternative! Please contact us directly for more info or to get started!

Appealing to the average consumer! As a society, we are becoming two things: more reliant on our phones, and – dare we say it – passive. We’re all guilty of it. When we can’t quite figure something out, straight to YouTube we go! Extensive product descriptions simply won’t be read in their entirety, so for mobile-users, videos are the perfect medium to get key information over to your consumers.